Co-Freemasonic Lodge Stella Maris

The Lodge Stella Maris is a part of the Co-Freemasonic Order of the Blazing Star

(C.F.O.B.S). The C.F.O.B.S admits men and women equally, without distinction

of race, religion, nationality or sexuality aged 21 or over who hold a belief in a

Supreme Being. All prospective members are expected to be in sympathy with the

Precepts of the Order, especially its esoteric emphasis. A person can join as an

individual, or with a friend / close relative / spouse.

Within this Masonic work, socialising is not the priority, although an atmosphere of

fraternal friendliness and compassion is encouraged and indeed people do go on to

form friendships which exist outside the lodge. Our primary focus is to study the

ancient rites and mysteries of Freemasonry, and the secrets which are contained

therein. Fundraising is apart of the Masonic work of our Order and a charity is

chosen each year by members of our Lodge to send a donation to.

In Southampton we meet for both ceremonial and study purposes. Members of Lodge Stella Maris seek to support each others learning, and value the experience which people bring to the Lodge, whilst having the humility to listen, to understand, and respect any difference of opinion in a harmonious way.

Having read this far, you will appreciate that the Lodge Stella Maris forms part of a specialised organisation, which has very clear ideas about what its purpose is, and where it is seeking to go. It is natural then to understand that this would not necessarily be an ideal home for all those who only seek to serve humanity in some non-spiritual or non-esoteric way. It might not even be an ideal 'home' for all Freemasons, as Esoteric Freemasonry is beginning to re-emerge once more and has a focus and emphasis which is somewhat different.