Co-Freemasonic Lodge Stella Maris

                                        While some members of Freemasonry are content to accept Masonic

                                          practice and ritual as a practical training in brotherly co-operation,

                                          moral teaching and charity there are some who feel the need to look                                           for a deeper, more esoteric and spiritual meaning. The members of                                           Lodge Stella Maris, as part of the Co-Freemasonic Order of the                                           Blazing Star are particularly well placed to offer these genuine                                           seekers the opportunity to look for this spiritual meaning hidden in                                           Freemasonry. For those who are ready to undertake serious study                                           the insights and inner growth dedicated to the service of humanity                                           are of incredible benefit. The Co-Freemasonic Order of the Blazing                                           Star (C.F.O.B.S) sees its main emphasis as cultivating the Spiritual             Annie Besant                and Esoteric aspects of freemasonry, and offers a true and valid initiatory system of training and development through the 33 degrees of ‘The  Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite’ for the benefit of humanity and the world.

Many schools of Masonic thought hold that 'Supreme Being', as

the 'Great Architect Of The Universe' manifested creation for

many  purposes, one of which is the discovery of the divine

nature within ourselves and creation. To most of  humanity

these inner truths are lost, however they have always been

discernible to those who search with intense aspiration.

Knowledge of these inner truths has existed from the dawn of

time, they have also been called the ancient or divine wisdom

which has been manifested throughout the ages in many forms.

Many see the Masonic work as a reflection of the ancient mysteries

of Egypt, Greece and Israel. It also had a great influence on the

renaissance. Our ceremonies use symbols and allegory in a

harmonised ritual form which encourages an intuitive

understanding, initiatory spiritual training and they are a way of   

linking the two aspects of the ancient Hermetic adage ‘As above,                    C.W. Leadbeater

so it is below’. The Lodge Stella Maris, as a part of the C.F.O.B.S offers a step by step process of raising spiritual consciousness through the pathway of the Ancient Mysteries.

                                                 The term 'Co-freemasonry' goes back to the beginning of the                                                   20th century. At that time the use of "co" was used to                                                   indicate an organisation such as a school, for example, being                                                   for both genders. Therefore Co-masonry or Co-freemasonry is                                                   a form of freemasonry that admits women as members on an                                                   equal basis with men. Co-masonry has been in existence in                                                   Great Britain since the early 1900's when it was brought to the                                                   UK by the well known Author, Theosophist and Social Activist                                                   Annie Besant. Freemasonry is, we are taught, a successor to the Ancient Mystery Schools and when they were operative both men and women were admitted equally. It therefore seems logical in our modern age to admit men and women equally.

Co-Freemasonry is founded upon three Grand Principles: - Brotherly Love, Truth and Relief (Charity) and membership is not restricted on grounds of religion, gender, or social background. Our Lodge is populated by both men and women equally from all areas of society. We may all come from different backgrounds and have differing religious or spiritual beliefs, but we are united in our belief in a 'Supreme Being', and through the desire to improve ourselves morally and spiritually, following a fully contacted and true initiatory path of Service.

The motto of Lodge Stella Maris is 'Thou art the Light. Let that Light

Shine' and can be traced back to Ancient Egypt. For Freemasons light

has a great deal of symbolism. Some may draw spiritual or religious

feeling from it and some will draw moral significance. In truth, it is

open to interpretation by the interpreter. We have deliberately chosen

to not set a meaning for our Lodge as to what the motto means, but

leaves its true meaning to the discovery of the inquirer.